Rock Skipper Merit Badge by Mark Sheraton

Camp Sheraton Merit Badges

Sheraton Brothers Annual Camping Trip

When I was growing up, summer vacations were usually spent camping in various parts of Eastern Washington. Twenty Five Mile Creek State Park on Lake Chelan and Sun Lakes near Coulee City were a couple of favorites. I haven’t done a whole lot of camping in adulthood, but my older brother never stopped.

This year at my niece’s birthday party my two bothers and I were talking with our wives and we decided to take our families on a joint camping trip. We spent 4 days together at Baker Lake’s Lower Sandy. With four kids between the three families, all under the age of six, it reminded me a lot of the fun my brothers and I had growing up.

It was fun to see my daughter chasing after her older cousin into the woods on adventures. We had such a great time we decided to make it an annual trip. Adding to the fun for the kids we brainstormed and decided on ten Camp Sheraton Merit Badges, that each of the kids could earn over the years as they get older. I designed these badges and my older brother who has a button maker, brought them to life.

Camp Sheraton Merit Badges by Mark Sheraton