Northwest University Logo by Mark Sheraton

Northwest University

Role: Branding, Design, and Development

I’ve been working in the marketing department of Northwest University since January 2011. I started out as Web Designer, and worked my way up to Web Developer II. The university website falls under my role, and I’m the only person who works on it. Don’t get me wrong—we have an amazing full-time photographer, a few copywriters, and we have even contracted a bit of help from time-to-time—but for the most part, it’s just me. You learn a lot when you have to call all the shots, and it is immensely rewarding to see your work being used by so many people.


In 2015 I completed an in-house rebranding of the university. Working with internal stakeholders including the director of marketing, the university president, and various administration members I created a new logo, color palette, and style guide. Additional assets included campus and departmental logos, university tagline logo (the University of Possibility), internal stationery, business cards, PowerPoint templates, and email signatures. We launched the new brand in conjunction with a complete website rebuild that reflected the design principles outlined in the university style guide—namely keeping things simple, modern, and human.

Northwest University Logo and Branding by Mark Sheraton


The Northwest University website is built on ExpressionEngine. It is by far my favorite CMS. I’ve built sites using all kinds of content management systems and frameworks, but the way EE works just clicks with my brain. I love that you get to hand-code all of the front-end templates from scratch, it’s so much better than having to work around the default loops that other content management systems spit out. And it also scales really well—the university website has thousands of pages, and EE handles them without a hitch.

Northwest University Website by Mark Sheraton

Before Shots

I realized that I forgot to show some “before” shots of what the university brand and website looked like when I got there. Below are some examples—enjoy!

Old NU Branding
Old NU Website