WP Sunday Logo by Mark Sheraton

WP Sunday

Role: Owner, Branding, Design, and Development

I used to work in the media department of a church. It was right out of college. I was making videos and designing graphics. Our media budget was small to say the least. We had to make do with less. When you consider that most churches, ministries, and non-profits are in a similar situation, you can see why so many of them turn to WordPress. The price is right.

Learning WordPress and The Genesis Framework

The WordPress community doesn’t exactly make it easy for people to get from zero to finished website. There are so many themes, plugins, frameworks, builders, and WYSIWYGs to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming. A number of years ago, while building a website for a client with a great cause and no budget, I wanted to find my own streamlined path through the WordPress world. I ended up finding it with the Genesis Framework by StudioPress.

By using Genesis and child themes I have a reliable and stable base to build on. And it allows me to switch from child theme to child theme without worrying about inconsistency issues or data-loss. It has a ton of other benefits, but this one alone gave me a reason to dig in. It’s no secret that websites have a shelf life, and that design trends change. So I set out to build Genesis child themes, to give churches the ability to jump from one theme to another without losing their entire sermon archive, staff listings, or events calendar.

WP Sunday is Born

Being a designer, as well as a developer is a bit of a double-edged sword. Having the skillset to built the product and also design the brand means that I can get a bit carried away at times. Before I knew it I had a few themes, a logo, and website done. I can’t say it’s been a commercial success, but I have learned a ton—namely Stripe payment integration and creating setup documentation. Here’s the first child theme I created.

Matthew Pro Theme by Mark Sheraton

There are a few more themes in the shop now, as well as a list of services I offer. I try to keep the prices as low as possible to help make these themes and services accessible to churches with tight budgets. I don’t know where this project might take me, but I’ve enjoyed building it and learning along the way. If you or your church are looking for a website, check out the WP Sunday website or feel free to start a conversation.